A Play on Words

With the birth of the Baroque and opera came a dramatic shift in the way music and words worked together and as the phenomenon spread to the shores of England composers such as John Blow, Henry Purcell, Mathew Locke and Robert Johnson brought forth music in this new style.  The texts and musical settings from this era also often contained hidden meanings and this makes a highly entertaining program of lively, poignant and uplifting music.

Femme Fatale

A glimpse into the royal courts of the 16th and 17th centuries through the psyche and passion of two notorious women, Barbara Strozzi and Lady Macbeth. Composer, courtesan, singer and viol player Barbara Strozzi lived in the Venice courts in the 17th Century, and she left behind music full of passion and angst.  Works by Barbara Strozzi will be paired with upbeat and lively works by Monteverdi and his contemporaries.

A special feature of this concert was the inclusion of a new work, Lady Macbeth by Hamilton-based composer Janet Jennings.

Monteverdi Vespers - 1610

In this exciting Trans-Tasman collaboration, one of Australia’s leading chamber choirs (The Choir of Newman College, University of Melbourne) combines forces with the celebrated New Zealand early music ensemble, The Affetto Players, to perform Monteverdi’s sumptuous 1610 Vespers. Imagine yourself in St Mark’s, Venice, as you listen to the angelic voice of Netherlands Radio Choir soloist, Helen Thomson, the virtuosity of Australia’s twin tenors, Daniel and Matthew Thomson, and a colourful array of sounds from an ensemble of brass, strings, organ and ten-part choir.

Violin: Miranda Hutton & Cath Shugg (Melbourne)

Cornetto: Danny Lucin (Melbourne) & Peter Reid 

Sackbut: John Gluyas, Grant Sinclair & Pablo Ruiz Henao 

Viola da Gamba: Polly Sussex   

Organ: David McFarlane (Melbourne)